Friday, 18 March 2016

A moment to read...

Welcome readers...

I have finally taken the step and become a book blogger...  this page is now my baby, and I cannot wait to get it off the ground!  There are so many ideas buzzing around in my head that I have had no choice but to start making a list.  

After having the idea to start this blog, I did a little research, and after a couple of forums and a 'how to' website that wasn't actually all that helpful, I started looking for blogs to see what the 'norm' was and to get some ideas.  Whilst browsing, I came across a beautiful blog called Jenny in Neverland!  (You can visit her blog by clicking on her button below) One of her post was mre helpful than anything else I have found... Book blogging tips was what I found and I have used the post, plus some of her others to get ideas for my own blog.  Now here it is... Up and running.

The Plan.

I want to share my passion for both reading and writing here.  The obvious place to start is with book reviews.  I read an inordinate amount of books, so reviewing them seems a logical step, and something to get me started!  
Author interviews are also something I would like to have a go at. I plan on getting in touch with some authors, both well known and unknowns...  I get a lot of my reading material from the sponsored ads on Facebook, and plan to advertise my own book in the same way very soon.  The intention is to try and get in touch with some of those authors and help to get their names out there.  As a self published author I know the struggle for marketing; we're all in the same boat, so I would like to help others like me to get their work known!
There are several ideas for competitions fluttering around that I want to try and develop.  I need a plan and some awesome prizes before I get those under way. 
I have also seen the idea of reading challenges and blog hops which I would love to get involved with when I have established my little blog in the community!  

So, let the adventure begin, obviously my blog is still in it's very early stages, so I ask that you be patient and keep visiting to see it grow into what I hope to be a flourishing part of the book blogger's community.

Take a moment to read...

x Nessie x


  1. You know I'm your biggest fan and I look forward to seeing your adventure grow and sharing the journey with you all the way.

    Good luck babe xx

  2. I will always be there to support you! Xx

  3. Looking forward to seeing where this goes. :)